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Black Mountain College.

Project Description

Developed as a design project at COA UNCC. Black Mountain College was a continuation of the German Bauhaus. Read more about Black Mountain History at

The building houses the performing arts department and includes student living and working spaces. The glass half spheres are supported by a rib structure made out of fiber reinforced concrete. The ribs not only serve as the structure, but are also a water collection device. All of the other installations are housed in the line of the main structure. Between the light wells, a lightweight fly-ash reinforced concrete shell carries a green roof that benefits insulation and water filtratioThe portion of the shell that faces the street is glazed. The shape of the building follows the topography of the mountain, therefore requiring as little site disturbance as possible. Although it is a big structure, the building manages to quietly nestle into the surrounding landscape.

Project Details

  • Date January 25, 2015
  • Tags Sustainability

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