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United Methodist Church Memorial Garden.

Project Description

The client wanted to utilize a small piece of land across from the the original church as a memorial garden with a columbarium. The client expressed that the memorial garden should be private, connected in some way to the existing church building and designed to be built in phases. The memorial garden uses the columbarium walls as privacy screens from the street. They columbarium walls are divided by aluminum fencing that allows a glimpse of the garden and gives way for a tree. The trees are deciduous, to offer shade in the summer and to add to the feeling of changing seasons and time passing. The wall is done in segments with forty symbolic niches. Each segment has a private garden with a bench that is surrounded with landscape. The visitors are in an outdoor room, open to the sky. The brick used for the walls matches the brick of the church building.

Project Details

  • Date January 25, 2015
  • Tags Community & Planning

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