Adaptable School Prototype

The Adaptable School Prototype is a unique opportunity to design, test, and evaluate the viability of a pre-designed, phased kindergarten through eighth grade school. We invite you to explore the complete design package provided in this document, ask us questions concerning the design, cost, or feasibility, and then we in turn will modify the design to create a school that fits your particular needs.

Corner Elevation

The Kindergarten through Fifth grade Phase I prototype module offers a comprehensive design strategy for a modest budget. Careful attention is placed on human scale, visual transparency, technology, daylighting, outdoor fitness, collaboration, community connectivity, and flexibility.


Plan Features
– A secure entrance with an administrative work room.
– Guidance office, tutor, and conference room.
– An entrance art gallery for 2D, 3D, and mixed media arts.
– 3 Specialty classrooms (Arts, Music, Media or Library).
– Six grade levels with 3-4 classrooms to each accommodate between 20-25 students.
– Learning commons by grade level which includes lounge or stage space, meeting areas, small group work space, a wash area for 2nd through 5th grade, a storage room, and lockers or cubbies.
– Flexible space for a variety of learning opportunities including stages for “campfire” space, small group meeting areas for “watering hole” space, and lounges/study nooks for “cave” spaces.
– A large centralized commons area for dining, study, performance, and exercise.
– Outdoor learning environments for scientific study, fresh air, and exercise.

The Commons


Learning Commons


Outdoor Learning