Winner of Sustain Charlotte’s Social Equity Award

We are proud to announce that Insight Architects is the winner of Sustain Charlotte‘s Social Equity Award. It is an honor that our community sustainability leaders acknowledge our work.

Insight Architects has been working with the City of Charlotte on creating more affordable housing opportunities for everyone. Insight Architects is advocating for changing the quality of affordable housing by integrating it within existing neighborhoods. The low income and work force families are the most fragile parts of our community – but they are nevertheless a part of an existing community that has to be preserved. Insight Architects is advocating for keeping communities within new urban fabric by introducing mixed income housing that is sustainably built and well connected, with access to public transportation, parks, bike lanes, work and schools. These communities promote physical and psychological health and wealth, and will therefore strengthen Charlotte and place it as the country’s leader in sustainable gentrification which preserves communities and the environment.

Insight Architects had worked on creating a Passive House model for mixed income housing. Passive House buildings reduces energy consumption up to 90% from conventional building. Needing very little energy to operate a building reduces cost of infrastructure and significantly reduces pollution.

Sustainable Affordable Urban Living for everyone PDF