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Insight Architects is an experienced architecture firm in Charlotte, NC.

“They’re dedicated architects who have a real passion for what they’re doing and strive to create a project that’s innovative and interesting.”

Insight Architects envisions each project as a new opportunity to discover innovative concepts that can add personal and financial value to a project, business and community. We have worked with a wide variety of clients and project types ranging from small boutique restaurants and retail to large institutional buildings for major universities.
Insight Architects provides large firm experience in a small firm package. The partners at Insight work directly on each project. We use an integrated, holistic design approach by including our clients, consultants and other stakeholders into the design process early on. We are involved in every detail and in all aspects of the design process, from feasibility and concept development through construction administration.

Vincent Gino Ciccarelli

Vince is a founding partner of Insight Architects. With over 20 years of practicing architecture, he has experience on variety of educational, retail and entertainment projects from New York to Florida.

Vince has a special interest in helping schools design facilities for the next generation. These new schools are vibrant, energetic environments that emphasize personalization, multiple modes of learning, personal responsibility and achievement while avoiding the atmosphere of mass-produced education that accompanies so many other institutions. He believes that a well designed school can be a tool to help educators teach today’s students to think creatively, build a strong and ethical identity, communicate well and integrate with the local and global community.

Vince brings his passion for finding innovative solutions and his attention to detail to every project, regardless of size. He believes that quality design can help clients reach their goals, achieve their dreams and dramatically improve their quality of life.

Kristina Held

Kristina is partner at Insight Architects since September 2014, when her company Grun – Sustainable Architecture and Design, merged with Insight Architects.

Kristina has over 20 years of experience in the field of architecture, and is particularly committed to sustainable design in educational, office and living environments. She has a professional degree in architectural engineering from Germany and a Masters in Architecture from UNCC. Kristina has worked with design teams as a sustainability consultant. In her view, every building can, be sustainable by using an integrative design approach and client involvement. Sustainable design in architecture has as its goal not only to preserve the natural world, but to nurture sustainable communities by connecting them to each other and to the world around us.

Kristina believes in the power the built environment has on the quality of life for current and future generations and sees great value in researching unique design solutions for projects of any size and type.

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