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School Design Grant Fall 2019/20

Insight Architects is excited to offer a $10,000 Grant for architectural services in facilities planning and design to the North Carolina School Community. All kinds of Schools can apply for this grant. This may include, depending on your project, following services:

– Site selection assistance
– Existing Building building assessment
– “Test fits”
– Programming
– Master Planning
– Schematic Design/ Conceptual Design
– Marketing Materials for Fundraising
– Budget Analysis and Conceptual Pricing

If you are interested in applying for this grant, please fill out this form:

    Contact Name

    Contact Phone Number

    Contact Address

    Contact Email

    School Name

    School Phone Number

    School Address

    School Website

    Please describe the mission of your proposed or existing charter school.

    If you are currently working with a developer and/or education management organization, please list them and provide a contact within each organization.

    How many grade levels does/ will your school serve?

    What is the current/ initial number of students?

    What is your projected number of students?

    What is your short-term facilities plan? Please describe your individual situation as best as possible.

    What is your long-term facilities plan? Please describe your individual situation as best as possible.

    Insight Architects specializes in innovative educational design. We believe that there is a strong and profound connection between the design of learning environments and student development. The build school environment can enhance teaching, stimulate student performance and foster a lifelong love of learning.

    By designing schools that support a child-centered educational curriculum, we can complement and enhance today’s student’s learning needs with educational facilities that encourage communication, collaboration and discoveries.

    Please tell us how you envision the building design could support and reinforce your educational model.

    Sustainable buildings are becoming the norm which shows that we as a community, value and understand the responsibility we have towards the world we leave to our children. Green buildings, especially schools, are excellent opportunities for a hands-on environmental science lab.

    How does sustainability fit in with your educational model and school culture?

    Sustainable design in architecture has as its goal not only to preserve the natural world but to nurture sustainable communities by connecting them to each other and to the world around us.

    What role does/will your school play in your community?

    A representative from Insight will contact you after the application deadline to notify you of your status. The School with the best innovative, sustainable and green design idea get the honor of the grant.


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