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Project Description

This project has been been submitted for the Bricktainable competition ( held every year in the US.  Architects and Engineers world wide send in their proposals for the sustainable use of Brick.

The project is a guest house for international dignitaries visiting the Nation‘s Capital. A showcase, this project should be a model of energy efficiency and the Client has decided that this project be designed utilizing brick because of the common characteristics of this construction around the world. By exploring the thermal qualities of clay masonry construction, designers are asked to create a net-zero energy building utilizing this as a primary material.

Main strategy used in the design are first using the natural characteristic of brick to store energy during the day, and release heat during the night. In the summer the brick would cool the air therefore helping the HVAC system together with the natural ventilation system. Direct sun light is completely eliminated, thus preventing direct solar heat gain. With the energy modeling program the building was more than 40% better than baseline. The building would use less energy than calculated due to the limitations of the energy program. And lastly, a PV system is installed on the roof and on the grounds collecting more energy then the building needs to operate and therefore becoming a revenue for the facility maintenance.

The solar photovoltaic system is a 45KW system, consisting of 148 solar panels, each providing 305 watts at peak power. This system will provide 55,442 kwh per year at the building location, thus exceeding the amount of energy needed to power the entire building for the year. The panels will be located both on the roof as well as on the ground. A 50KVA inverter will be provided to generate AC power. The power will be sold back to the utility, so even through the power actually consumed will net out to be zero, the price paid for the solar power will be substantially higher, so the net effect is that the solar pv system is a revenue producer for the building each year, producing approximately $9,900 worth of energy per year.

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Project Details

  • Date January 25, 2015
  • Tags Sustainability

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