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City Space B.

Charlotte, NC

Project Description

City Space B is the third, last building built in the City Space office center on South Tryon Street. It was built between two existing buildings, so it was carefully designed to reflect the buildings on either side. The site was extremely tight, and the building footprint is such to maximize the square footage of the building. This building is five sided, and each of its five facades responds to the sun exposure that it is facing. The west façade is the most closed of all, whereas the north and northeast facades are fully glazed. The façade is not an imitation, rather a contemporary interpretation of the old industrial iron look that is so characteristic of the South End area. To minimize the heat gain and glare of the sun on the east side (also the street side) horizontal sun screens have been used. The distance and the width of these repetitive sun shades have been carefully calculated to eliminate the steep summer sun angles. The south façade is clad in brick, and the windows are protected by sun screens as well.

City Space B is a silver LEED certified office building.

Architect of record: Overcash Demmitt Architects
Role in project: Architect/ Designer

Project Details

  • Date January 25, 2015
  • Tags Office, Sustainability

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