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Microunit Urban Infill.

Project Description

Microunit Urban Infill
Microunit Urban Infill
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The project on the corner of Torrence and East Street is in the heart of the Elizabeth Community. With the area being a vibrant, walkable community with access to public transportation, the site was perfect for a high-density urban infill residential use.

The building contains 9 residential microunits and one office and parking on the ground floor. This has all been placed on a 0.18-acre site. The site was rezoned to an MUDD zoning to be able to accommodate this density. With the rezoning the project is also improving the corner’s pedestal access and appeal which is in line with city zoning and the natural development of walkable areas of town.

The deep balconies provide shade in the summer months and provide an opportunity for exterior living in the more moderate months. By being compact, this building forgoes long monotonous corridors and instead offers a central staircase with skylight as the main vertical spine of the building.

Elements of sustainable design used in this project are urban density, orientation, and treatment of openings, increasing and promoting walkability and bike ability, using ERV and heat pump systems for heating and cooling, compact unit layout.

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