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Nevils Creek Passive House.

Project Description

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The long axis of the house is oriented east to west, so the long facades face south and north. To preserve the views and shade the south facing windows, a southern shading façade and catwalk have been used. The wood façade allows for views and creates an abstract version of the tobacco barn that the client fell in love with. The roof angles are optimized so the south oriented solar panels can catch the most sun. The north façade has beautiful views of the property and doesn’t require any shading. A covered and screened open space on the second floor is an extension of the living room.
Passive House elements consist of a tightly air sealed envelope (required airtightness. maximum of 0.6 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals pressure), well insulated envelope, triple glazed windows and glass doors, heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, an ERV and mini split system. The windows and glass doors have been imported from Germany (Schueco) and are either fixed of tilt-turn. Tilt turn windows seal the window shut tight and don’t allow any air leakage. Similarly with the lift and slide door on the east. The ERV system is balanced separately from the heating and cooling and allows for constant fresh air intake that is preconditioned and filtered. This way the heating or cooling doesn’t have to work as hard, because the energy stays inside the envelope. The house operates on a small solar array and a battery system.

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