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Laburnum Avenue – Passive House.

Project Description

Laburnum Avenue - Passive House
Laburnum Avenue - Passive House
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This home is about 5,000 sf heated and is in the process of pre-certification with PHIUS (Passive House Institute of US) The house is an urban home on four levels, with great openings and terraces towards the front and back and scarce openings towards the sides.

The windows are shaded on the south, east and west with bent steel plates that provide shading to the glass and a three dimensionality to the façade. The first two floors are poured in place architectural concrete. The terrace in the back and the entrance in the front will receive steel rods sculptures that contrast with the sleek contemporary built.

Like any other passive house, the building has a well-insulated air-tight envelope with no thermal bridging. The home has a separate fresh air intake/ exhaust system through an ERV and a heat pump heating and cooling system. Please contact to learn more about designing and building towards Passive House accreditation and high energy building in general.

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