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Asheville Passive House.

Project Description

Passive house

The first attempt towards a passive house, which was unfortunately never realized due to change of owner’s plans. The home was planned on a 7-acre site and carefully embedded into the hill of the site. As few as possible trees have been removed from the site.

The home has a full basement, a large terrace overhanging the garage entrance and a smaller terrace with a jacuzzi, the living room is vaulted, and the upper gallery leads to two additional bedrooms. The house is a 4-bedroom home. The house is clad in zinc and wood and has a flat roof that is accessible through the main stair.

Like any other passive house, the building has a well-insulated air-tight envelope with no thermal bridging. The home has a separate fresh air intake/ exhaust system through an ERV and a heat pum heating and cooling system. Please contact to learn more about designing and building towards Passive House accreditation and high energy building in general.

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