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The Callen Center.

Asheville, NC

Project Description

The story
The fourth story of a dated 70’s office building in downtown Asheville will be the future home of an incubator for climate change related research and other supporting industries. The project has gone through a complete energy consumption assessment and has been placed on the LEED gold track. The existing storefront will be replaced with double pane aero-gel filled glass and thermally broken aluminum frames. The west facade will receive a kinetic shading facade. The building will be insulated from the inside and the existing HVAC will be replaced by a completely new and more efficient system (will stay a duct system). All materials used in the interior are within a 200 mile radius and are either recycled, or recyclable or made from naturally renewable sources and contain zero VOCs. The interior corridor is lit with solar tubes to minimize the the of artificial lighting during the day.The building will be wired for solar energy, the panels will be placed on the roof and will also feed electrical vehicle charging stations. The project doesn’t provide any on-site parking. On -site bicycle parking is provided and convenience showers and changing rooms have been added. Done in collaboration with D3 Studio.

The result
A 26,000 sf sustainable interior upfit, with a new kinetic facade on the west side. The Callen Center will be an example of sensible use of sustainable strategies in an urban, southern climate. The kinetic facade will also be an educational element exposed to the community right in the heart of downtown Asheville.

This project is were all three types of environmental stewards come together: The doers, The Donors and The Practitioners.

Project Details

  • Date April 23, 2014
  • Tags Community Architecture & Urban Design, Office, Sustainability

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