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Nevill’s Creeek – Passive House.

Project Description

Nevill’s Creeek - Passive House
Nevill’s Creeek - Passive House
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This approximately 1,600 heated sq. house was inspired by the North Carolina Tobacco farm. The house is a net zero off-the-grid home. It has passed PHIUS (Passive House Institute of US) pre-certification for New Zero and is currently in construction. The entire south facing façade has a shading structure that is inspired by the NC tobacco farms. This Shading structure will be able to open just like the old barns used to, to provide ventilation. The structure is made from southern cypress and will remain as natural, untreated wood.

The main floor is on the second floor which provided beautiful views into the wooded property. The property sits on the Pamlico River and one can see it from the north facing living areas.

The north façade has no shading structure and looks more modern, allowing for unobscured views towards the river.

Like any other passive house, the building has a well-insulated air-tight envelope with no thermal bridging. The home has a separate fresh air intake/ exhaust system through an ERV and a heat pump heating and cooling system.

Please contact to learn more about designing and building towards Passive House accreditation and high energy building in general.

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