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VS Showroom.

South End, Charlotte, NC

Project Description

VS Showroom
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The story
VS America is a world leader in sustainable ergonomic school and office furniture. In spring 2015 they decided to expand their main showroom in Charlotte. The goal was to connect two existing tenant spaces into one open, sleek, modern showroom. The entire interior, except for the mezzanine and the two stairs, were removed. All enclosed spaces are now under the mezzanine, leaving everything else open in plan and open to the ceiling. The space houses an open marketing office for six people and a breakroom that extends into the loose table and chairs area and doubles as an entertainment area. Insight Architects is the architecture firm of record, but we worked closely with design architect Peter Brown.

The result
The result is a wide open, showered with daylight space that serves as an empty canvas to feature the office and classroom lines of VS Furniture. Some items, like the new stair connecting the two previous tenant spaces are built as furniture, as is the ramp in the back. To minimalize and declutter, the thermostats are movable and not floor mounted. The mechanical rooms feature custom return air grills. The glass enclosure on the mezzanine and the glass enclosure of the conference room is acoustical but jointed glass to provide acoustical separation and unobscured visual connection.

VS donated the existing storefront to Charlotte Lab School. To keep the minimalistic look of the space, wholes have been drilled through steel beams to keep conduits out of site.
Stair columns have been removed and reconfigured in the attempt to conserve clear vistas through the entire length of the space. The furniture itself has been designed by Verner Panton,
Egon Eiermann and Richard Neutra.

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