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Pester Building 1 Pester Huntersville Insight includes practical green design in every project striving to reconnect architecture and people with nature. Pine Springs Preparatory Middle School Quality educational architecture helps foster learning, health, sustainability and community. We work collaboratively with schools to create vibrant, energetic environments that emphasize individuality and avoid the atmosphere of mass produced education. Architecture provides an opportunity to enhance our relationship with the natural world can help create a legacy for the next generation that we can all be proud of. Pester Building Biophilic design increases human connectivity to the natural environment through use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. Pester Huntersville Passive house We use Passive Solar strategies to use the sun to directly heat water, or the interior of a building, using natural heat-transfer mechanisms such as conduction and air convection currents. Pine Springs Preparatory Middle School An adaptable, welcoming workspace where people can collaborate is an integral part of improving quality of life. Multifamily building Pine Springs Preparatory Middle School office

Insight Architects is a modern, sustainable architecture firm in Charlotte, NC.

We specialize in commercial, residential, multifamily, retail and restaurant, and school designs. We’re Passive House certified, and adept at biophilic design, adaptive reuse, and design for learning.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, we partner with developers, homeowners, education leaders, and businesses in the Southeast and beyond. Learn more about our team, or get in touch today.

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