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Insight revitalizes existing spaces by giving them a new and unique meaning. Architecture provides an opportunity to enhance our relationship with the natural world and can help create a legacy for the next generation that we can all be proud of. We use Passive Solar strategies to use the sun to directly heat water, or the interior of a building, using natural heat-transfer mechanisms such as conduction and air convection currents. Sense of School Community: We design schools that can be a tool to help educators teach today's students to communicate well and integrate with the local and global community.

Insight Architects is a modern, sustainable architecture firm in Charlotte, NC.

We specialize in commercial, residential, multifamily, retail and restaurant, and school designs. We’re Passive House certified, and adept at biophilic design, adaptive reuse, and design for learning.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, we partner with developers, homeowners, education leaders, and businesses in the Southeast and beyond. Learn more about our team, or get in touch today.

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Edge City, Southeast Charlotte Brewhouse

Two brothers, Jared and John Thomas are opening Edge City, the new brewhouse this fall. The two-story building, designed by... Read More →

Pester Pac Automation relocating to Huntersville

Insight Architects is designing a new Pester Pac Automation facility in Huntersville, NC. Pester Pac, a packaging company for the... Read More →

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