Two Rivers Community School – Winner of the Charter Schools Facilities Planning Grant 2017/18

Insight Architects is proud to announce the winner of the Charter Schools Facilities Planning Grant 2017/18:

Two Rivers Community School

“Two Rivers Community School (TRCS) is a public-charter school located in Boone, North Carolina. The school was founded in 2005 by a group of parents and educators seeking an alternative approach to education in The High Country. Today, we are a K-8, tuition-free, inclusive learning environment for all children.

The TRCS approach to learning is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all children to learn at a pace and process that works best for them. Teachers use hands-on and interactive lessons to deepen the impact of learning for each student. Lessons are relevant to the lives of our students and the region surrounding us. Each student is treated as an individual receiving the services and attention they respectively need to succeed.

Environmental stewardship and awareness are key features to the student experience for connecting young minds to the natural world is of most importance. Our outdoor programs are hands-on and place-based giving students the ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to relevant scenarios. Since our early days, our community has worked tirelessly to keep students connected to our larger community, each other, and the natural world.”